Closed Monday November 21

アイバンラーメンとPLUS 11月21日やすみます.  そのかわり祝日水曜日やります.  よろしくお願いします!

Ivan Ramen and Plus will both be closed on Monday November 21 and will be open for business on Wednesday November 23, and national holiday and normally our day off.  We hope being closed on Monday doesn't inconvenience you too much and we hope to see you on Wednesday.


Ivan Ramen Plus One Year Anniversary!!

It's been one year since we opened Ivan Ramen Plus and it get's better everyday! Thanks for all your support. All day friday we'll be offering free kaidama and 250 yen beer. Enjoy and hope to see you all tomorrow!

明日Ivan Ramen Plus 一周年ありがとうございました!金曜日一日中替え玉無料とビール250円になります。本当にみんなにありがとう!


Soul of Tohoku Charity Event


On Tuesday I did a big charity event at the ANA Intercontinental Hotel and served my ramen alongside some of Japan's most famous and celebrated chefs. It was an honor to work with them and exciting to be doing something to help the people of Tohoku. It's a small start but every little bit helps. Ivan Ramen will continue to work towards helping Tohoku rebuild.


Golden Week Schedule


29日()、30日()、31日() 11時30分〜17時30分
5月2日()、3日()、4日()  11時30分〜17時30分

アイバンラーメン PLUS(経堂)



Ivan Ramen
Friday,Saturday Sunday 11:30-17:30
Monday 17:30-22:30
Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday 11:30-17:30
Friday 17:30-22:30
Regular Saturday and Sunday Hours

Ivan Ramen Plus
Friday 11:30-21:00
Regular Hours Saturday Sunday and Monday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30-21:00
Regular Hours Friday, Saturday Sunday

Ivan Ramen and Ivan Ramen Plus will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday May 10 & 11


New 限定

@アイバンラーメンPLUS新しいスープ出来ました! これからメニューに動物けいスープ出します。醤油ラーメン第一弾。スープ鶏、豚、魚介など麺は全粒粉もはいってます、もちろん特別醤油も使ってます。チャーシューも
Regular 750円 +ちゃしゅう950円

New special at Ivan Ramen Plus! Until now I've only been serving dashi based soup, but I 've decided to offer a meat based ramen as well. Todays soup has chicken, pork and fish in it and as a special I'm offering a special shoyu ramen. The noodles have a little toasted whole wheat flour in them and of course only the finest shoyu went into the soup. I've been working on the chashuu and it's better than ever. A bowl the special shoyu ramen is 750 yen for a regular bowl and 950 for extra chashuu!


Ramen Aid Update

The ramen aid project has begun and ramen shop owners throughout Japan have been making the trip up to Sendai and beyond. We're planning to bring ramen to all those in need and keep it going everyweek for a year. I am currently working on getting a non-profit sponsor in the US so I can accept donations for ramen aid. I hope to have this set up very soon. I will post a video of last weeks ramen aid trip as soon as it's available, there were some really huge smiles from the children and their parents too. Please check back often and hopefully we can get the funds together to support this fabulous project. We're not out to replace the big charities, just put bring some love and food directly to the source! I look forward to your support!!


Message for english speakers in affected areas

This message is being posted on blogs and in and around the earthquake and tsunami affected regions. There are many english speaking residents who may not read Japanese. Please repost. I will tweet as well. Ganbare Japan!!


For those of you in the tsunami and earthquake affected areas help is on the way!

Ramen shop owners throughout Japan are coming to your assistance.

We can’t imagine your hardship but we must do something so we will do what we do best-provide a warm bowl of soup and noodles.

We will be organizing trips to as many of the affected areas as possible, so hold on, we will try to get to your area as soon as we can. Thousands of shops are donating food and time to insure as many people who are hungry can be fed-DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!!


A somber update

I'm sorry I haven't made some "official" comment until now, but as you can imagine, things are pretty crazy here. It has a very 9/11 feel to it, which, unfortunately, I was all to close to when it occurred. Here in Tokyo, nobody really knows what's happening, we see the same images that people are seeing in New York, London and Rome. We are fearful of what might happen with the nuclear reactors and how that might affect the nation, worried that a large new earthquake is imminent, and rumors of new disasters swirl and spin. And our hearts ache as we see interviews of people who can't find loved ones, lost homes and have seen their hometowns disappear before their eyes. All I can do is to soldier on, keep my shops running, and offer people a bowl of comforting ramen and hope it gives them a mild respite from all that is going on. Many of the Tokyo ramen shop owners are meeting next week to come up with a concrete way to help the survivors, possibly trucking up food to feed those in need. Until then, around town all the shops are taking up collections, and using as little electricity as possible to help the city deal with what is now an inadequate supply. We're strong here in Japan and will keep on keeping on. I've passed on to my Japanese friends the outpouring of support and distress felt by my fellow Americans and they were truly moved. Thank you for all the emails and phone calls and continued thoughts and prayers. Ivan


アイバンラーメンPLUS 限定

限定15食 900円


Great new special! Spicy chipotle mayo on roasted veggies, chashuu, fat noodles and a spicy shoyu and seabura base with a sprinkling of sweet dried shrimp on top! It's terrific and only 900 yen.

15 portions a day so come in while it lasts!


こんがり焼いたチズーとカレーまぜめん(cheese curry mazemen)


Everybody wants to know why my Rokkakoen shop doesn't have cheese on the menu. Presenting cheese curry mazemen! It starts Saturday March 5 Come on in and give it a try!


Holiday hours




木、金、土、日 の一日からでも構いません。